The training class aims to equip and update knowledge and information on state management of the land sector and improve capacity in land valuation for provincial officials, civil servants and public employees.

1. Program participants

- Employees, current employees, new recruits, apprentices, trainees, probationers at the facility;

- Freelance workers are hired and employed by the establishment;

- Individuals in need.

2. Conditions

- Have enough health;

- No conviction is.

3. Documentation procedures

- Image; CCCD;

- Study plan;

- Registration form according to the Institute's form.

4. Course description

* About knowledge

- Provide, update, and supplement necessary and important knowledge about management, planning, and land use plans;

- Legal regulations for management, planning, and land use plans.

* About skills

Providing the necessary technical skills to meet the practical needs of implementing land management and land use planning of the state regarding land.

5. Course duration

6. Certification – Certificate

7. Benefits of participating in the course

- Training and fostering knowledge about legal regulations in real estate;

- Learn about the real estate market, knowledge of real estate business;

- Understand an overview of real estate valuation services: roles, operating principles, business conditions, practical experience, professional ethics;

- Real estate valuation processes and methods for different types of real estate.

8. Training costs

9. Form of training

Combination of online and offline (according to student needs).