The course provides knowledge, methods, experience sharing from experts, as well as practical work handling skills that will be encountered during the process of consulting customers or performing management tasks. environmental management at businesses.

1. Program participants

- Officer in charge of environmental safety at businesses oriented towards the environmental consulting career path;

- Final year students or fresh graduates who want to become environmental consultants;

- Part-time environmental officers at enterprises;

- Environmental management officers at agencies.

2. Conditions

- Have enough health;

- No conviction is.

3. Documentation procedures

- Image; CCCD;

- Study plan;

- Registration form according to the Institute's form.

4. Course description

- Legal requirements of preparing an Environmental Impact Assessment Report;

- Process for implementing the Environmental Impact Assessment Report;

- Contents of the Environmental Impact Assessment Report;

- Waste source assessment method.

5. Course duration

6. Certification – Certificate

7. Benefits of participating in the course

- Be trained in theoretical knowledge and professional skills in accordance with the requirements of agencies and businesses;

- Receive soft skills training to support good adaptation at work;

- Support in introducing internships and gaining practical experience.

8. Training costs

9. Form of training

Combination of online and offline (according to student needs).