1. Program participants

- Employees, current employees, new recruits, apprentices, trainees, probationers at the facility;

- Freelance workers are hired and employed by the establishment;

- Individuals in need.

2. Conditions

- Have enough health;

- No conviction is.

3. Documentation procedures

- Image; CCCD;

- Study plan;

- Registration form according to the Institute's form.

4. Course description

- Purpose and meaning of labor safety and hygiene;

- Rights and obligations of employers and employees in complying with regulations on labor safety and labor hygiene; policies and regimes on labor protection for workers;

- Labor safety and labor hygiene regulations of the facility;

- Working conditions, dangerous and toxic factors causing labor accidents and occupational diseases and preventive measures;

- Basic knowledge of labor safety and hygiene techniques;

- How to handle situations and first aid methods for victims in case of accidents or incidents;

- Uses, usage and preservation of personal protective equipment;

- Measures to improve working conditions at the workplace.

5. Course duration

6. Certification – Certificate

7. Student benefits - after the course

- Dedicated and thoughtful consulting before and after taking the course, ensuring students quality, reputable and effective courses;

- Make sure the opening date is correct and there will be no cases of changing the opening date like other places and is also a problem you often encounter when registering for courses.

8. Training costs

9. Form of training

Combination of online and offline (according to student needs).