Environmental impact assessment of investment project to build Phuc Thinh Hoang pig farm

Environmental impact assessment of investment project to build Phuc Thinh Hoang pig farm


From the results of investigation, analysis, and environmental impact assessment of the Phuc Thinh Hoang Pig Farm Construction Investment Project of PTH Livestock Company Limited, we draw a number of conclusions as follows: after:

  1. The implementation of the project is consistent with the Company's development orientation, contributing to the industrial development of Phu Thien district in particular and Gia Lai province in general.
  2. Project implementation will inevitably have negative impacts on the air, water, soil, ecosystem, environment, society... At the time of project preparation, physical components such as soil, The water, air, ecological environment and landscape of the area have not been polluted. However, the implementation of the Project will not avoid negative impacts on the environment. Those impacts will pollute the air, soil, and water environment. In addition, the Project also has negative impacts on the local socio-economic environment and is also likely to cause some environmental incidents. (especially fire and explosion incidents) causing damage to people and property. However, during operation, the project owner always focuses on environmental protection, fire safety and negative impacts on the environment that can be minimized by management and technical measures.
  3. The Project's negative impacts on the natural, socio-economic environment have been identified and relatively fully evaluated. The measures to minimize negative impacts, prevent and respond to environmental incidents that the Project Owner proposed in the EIA report are completely reasonable and feasible to minimize impacts on the natural environment. and society. The project owner commits to seriously implement the solutions stated in the report to minimize negative impacts on the environment and possible risky incidents. The project owner will submit a written report on environmental protection in the mining area to the Provincial People's Committee and Gia Lai Department of Natural Resources and Environment for monitoring and management.
  4. This environmental impact assessment report, after being approved by the Appraisal Council and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, will be the legal basis to help state management agencies in charge of environmental protection and environmental protection agencies. facility in inspecting and monitoring environmental quality, and providing appropriate data and documents to serve the environmental protection program of Gia Lai province.

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